alive-in-living-color asked:
Hi Sophie. I just came across some of your Winter Soldier art (which is impeccable, by the way) and I just want to ask if you have any tips for an aspiring artist ? Like how you got to where you are? I know 95% is practice practice practice but did/do you have any methods that really help you to get a technique down pat? And also, how did you develop your style ? Did it just evolve over time or did you combine the styles of others and make your own? I know this is a lot, sorry to interrogate >.<


Hi and THANK YOU! I am flattered that you asked me this question. Since I’m also trying to figure out my way in the realm of art like you are, let’s learn together! (apologies for my grammar in advance)

First of all, I remember seeing this in another awesome artist’s Q&A on a similar topic. He said something that’s pretty solid: ‘do not call yourself an “aspiring artist”’, get inspired and start drawing immediately! Cannot emphasis enough how important it is to just be constantly drawing and experimenting. You might not like the result that came out sometimes, but you gotta keep trying. you”ll be surprised at how much you improve.

How to make progress: I always say I’m a bad example and refuse to give advice, but this might be a common issue so I’m going to share my thought here. Over the years, I’ve been both conscious and unconsciously trying to “copy” someone’s art style, to the extent that I’ve gone too far and ended up where I didn’t want to be. It took me a painful while to figure out that I don’t want to be someone else. So now I am spending twice the time finding my way back to zero so I can start fresh again.

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